How it all came about…

Breton Forest Innovation Coop (BFIC) formed around the concept of developing a community owned kiln as a development mechanism of value-added wood businesses on Cape Breton. Through further discussions and community meetings, the concept grew to become a community based initiative addressing the entire forest product supply chain.

Past efforts to improve forest health and economic return were not resilient to fluxes in market health because they did not consider the entire supply chain: from “Forest Floor to Wooden Door”. This holistic concept ensures long term health of forest ecosystems and rural communities. The foundations start with education and mentorship, they require silvicultural management from reforestation to selective harvests, and are maintained by continual collaboration with markets small and large. The idea is formulated to take care of forests while ensuring long term wellness of the forest product chain: mature seed trees in bio-diverse habitat, nursery growers, tree deliverers, tree planters, young stand selective thinners, tree markers, tree harvesters, truckers, millers, craft woodworkers, architects and designers, woodlot owners, and all involved in the wood construction chain.