Breton Forest Hires a Business Development Coordinator


Stacie Carroll comes from a background in Ecosystem Based Forest Management and has 20 years experience as a Silviculturist in Nova Scotia. She has been consulting on private land issues since 2011 and enthusiastically joined Breton Forest to catalyse it’s creation of an all-inclusive product chain from ‘Forest Floor to Wooden Door’. Through this holistic concept she will revitalise the diverse hardwood market on Cape Breton and create a prototype for rural Nova Scotia. “Short arm forest utilisation combined with a high value market chain that links producers to designers will be the way of the future for long-term forest ecosystem health and rural community wellness” Stacie says. ‘‘Through this ‘short-arm’ forestry utilisation she is coining ‘100 km forest’, resilient forest communities of flora, fauna and folks will thrive.’’ For further information:

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson